Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Dear God,

Please let this be our special year. Please, God, bless us with the gift of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby (or babies).



Dear 2009,
Please be our year even though I don't love odd numbers. It is nothing against you number nine, I just have a thing for evens like the number four. I heart four, but will heart nine if it can be our turn ;-). Smooches 2009.


Motto for 2009:
Comin' from behind in 2009.

(and do not read that with your head in the gutter, THAT is not what I mean)

What I mean is we are WAY behind most people that have been married almost 7 years. YIKES seven whole years of marriage soon. Did I say YIKES! and we are trying to get prego (everyone else already on 2 kids), pay for getting prego, pay for past bills to try to get prego, and it looks likes we might be able to actually accomplish those things in 2009 if things go well. So we are coming from behind for hopefully a tie or a win. But no overtime please. I can't take it.

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