Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 2 Report

The day 2 report is good ... and I got it after I sent an email apologizing for being a major pain in the ass last night. Yes, I know, that is why they are there (that is what the nurse said but really it is her job to say that) but I was so embarrassed to be so unprepared for this major event. GEEZ [hiding my face].

7 mature unfertilized (<--- not sure why they say this?) 5 fertilized as 1 cell 3 as 4 cell 1 as 3 cell 4 as 2 cell And I report for a 5 day transfer on Monday at 3:30. Sadly, VERY SADLY, hubby can't go to the transfer with me because he teaches a college class at 4:15 and he can't miss, they don't exactly have substitutes for that kind of thing. So I guess my mom will take me. She is dying to know what is going on but I haven't told her. Already yesterday she was calling, because she cares and is so excited, and I just didn't want to say how many had fertilized. I could tell she wanted to ask but held back. How MEAN am I? I just want to enjoy it for myself and with the internets for now. And even if she takes me Monday, I am not sure if I want to tell her how many. She has her hopes up so high it seems. I don't want to disappoint her. I am very excited!! Hubby is also very excited!! I just hope that this is successful. I won't say alot about it, but I feel pretty confident this time. I am not sure if that is good or bad or a total jinx. Good to be positive, but what if I TOTALLY can't handle it then if it doesn't happen? Are we setting ourselves up for major failure and meltdown if it doesn't work? Who knows I suppose. Who really knows. I am still bloated today and had killer gas at the top of my abdomen this morning when I got to work. And I did actually fit in my jeans, go figure. After a few antacids, which I don't even know if it is OK to take but I was in PAIN, I felt better. Unfortunately, today was "food day" at work so I ate only soup for lunch (and cornbread and a potato thingy). I really have grown to hate the food day once a month because I have NO will power whatsoever. I am sure none of that eating was good for me and then I drank ginger ale instead of all day. I did however have chicken for dinner so got some protein in there. And I am about to go chug the G.ator.ade. I am a bad patient, what can I say.

The only sad thing about the timing of the 5 day transfer is I don't get to hear about the embies over the weekend :-( I hope they are growing and behaving and are cozy over the next few days. The IVF instructions SAY we will be contacted everyday, but I am not so sure if that applies to the weekends. Hmpf. I just want to know what they are up to before I go in blind on Monday.

And THEN the hell of the 2WW. I need to make a LONG list of things to do. Luckily, the last weekend we will be out of town. That weekend will require a whole other post because I do have alot to say about it for several reasons. I guess apparently today I have alot to say about everythings since this is so long. Thanks to anyone who got this far. Have a wonderful weekend!! And for everyone on stims or with embies growing, good luck to you !!! And everyone who is waiting to start, good luck to you too!


  1. this is a great fert report! :) wahoo. so close. i can't wait to hear how things progress. i think that they should call you over the weekend. they have to be there, right? they have to check in on everyone! :)

  2. That is indeed a great report, and a day 5 transfer is very promising! I know it's hard to go two days without hearing how the little guys are doing, but tomorrow will be here before you know it.

    All the best for a stress-free transfer and beautiful implantation!

  3. Sounds like great results, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Good luck with the transfer!

  4. Hope your transfer went well today, BB. You are in my thoughts.