Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deep Breath

There was panic and hysterical crying but now everything is OK.

I am supposed to be a pro at this right, with round number 2 and all? But tonight I was getting my PIO stuff together to take to my friend's house and discovered that my PIO was EXPIRED. AND the top of the vial that has the rubbery stuff, latex maybe?, had become all deformed and expanded so that it looked like there was something floating or coagulated in the oil.

I had 2 things of it left from my last IVF, but that was over a year ago. I had asked the nurse about using the leftover and she said fine as long as it hadn't been used before. But she probably didn't realize how long ago it had been. The vial is inside a regular prescription bottle that has "Use By _____" but there was no date listed so I thought I was good to go. But, when I took the bottle out it said Exp: 3/18/08. Lesson learned.

Proceed to freak out.

So I called the L&D and asked for a resident which is what I was told to do if I had any problems. I explained the situation, of course not without breaking out into tears. I had pro.metriu.m and I was wondering if that would be OK to take for tonight instead. The resident had no clue (said something about not being a pharmacist so she didn't know) so I hung up. So at this point my husband is kinda mad at me (and rightly so if you ask me, because not only am I an idiot sometimes but the whole reason I didn't order more is because I was trying to be CHEAP). So I decided to call back and request my RE to be paged and call me. The nurses were like, I don't know if we can do that. But that is exactly what my ER nurse had told me to do if I had any problems. She probably meant OHSS probs, but I was in a panic and really thought this was important. They just said, we'll see if we can get him but didn't say for sure that anyone would call back at all. I can understand not wanting to call him, but OMG PANIC on my part.

So I called a W.algre.en's and talked to a pharmacist to see if they have PIO or if they knew the difference between taking PIO and the pr.ometr.ium and he wasn't sure either except that they are ingested differently and at different rates. He said their 24 hour one may have it and at that moment L&D was calling me back. It was the same resident I talked to earlier and first she had called all the local pharmacy's (2 hours from where I live, but still I would have driven there) and they didn't have any. So then she was able to get in touch with Dr. W and he said it was no big deal, in the grand scheme of things it would be fine. Just call the RE nurse tomorrow to get it settled and don't take the pro.metriu.m.

So at this point I am relieved but I just sit on the bed hysterically crying, and panting and heaving and my husband is all WHAT IS HAPPENING. By this point he is no longer mad, just concerned and I could only barely sob to him what the doctor said.

But we both thought why not call the 24 hour Wal.gre.en's just in case they have it. So I called and they DID have it. So then, after I had stopped crying and had gathered myself together, I had to bother the poor resident again to please call in the prescription. She was very nice and did so because I am sure she was like someone help me, please don't let this crazy lady call me back!!

So then I picked up the PIO and went and got my shot at my friends house. And I must say I am very lucky to have this friend willing to look at my butt. And she is SO GOOD. It doesn't even hurt. It might be sore later, but seriously, I barely feel the actual shot.

One plus... apparently crying hysterically is good for bloat and air in the tummy, because I actually feel better now than I did before. But now things are fine and seem right with the world. No ice storm or stupidness on my part is going to stop me from getting prego!!


  1. Hi BB -

    Just getting caught up, so first wanted to say I'm excited to hear what sound like really exiting results in terms of both the retrieval and fertilization numbers. I'm also mightily impressed that you were able to go to work so quickly after! I had 23 retrieved my first cycle (all from one ovary, so that little guy was chugging), and I barely moved for a couple of days afterward. You're a warrior.

    Also, so good to hear that you were able to get the meds you needed! Glad the resident finally came through for you!

  2. Oh man! I would have panicked too! You were thinking pretty cleary from someone who was in that state though. I am sure he did not want you to use the promet. b.c it is so close to er, risk of infection etc...
    glad it all worked out! the trick to pio - warm it first, take all the weight off the leg, inject sllllloooooooooowwwlly, MASSAGE afterwards and then sit on a heating pad. No problem!


  3. OMG i am going to go check my PIO vials right now! crazy, just what you needed, right? well if there has to be a bump in the road let's have this be it and smooth sailing from here!