Thursday, July 23, 2009


That is a new word in case you didn't know. At least according to me and my coworker. A mix between BLAH and ARGH and UGH and LARGE. BLARGH. And it is not for blog, it is for a mix of all those things I said. Just a really big blah! and UGH! all at the same time.

That is how I feel lately.

So vacation was good. Soooooo. sooooo. SooooooooooOOOOOOO. good. And I think that is why I am now very disgruntled with everyday life. I will take another of those please. Please?

So a few pics for ya. Although I have not revealed any pics of ME ever. Not sure I am ready to do so at this point. I have no idea why. Don't question the crazy ok? hmmm kkk

I give you the port of Miami:

Look back at all the condos.

Pretty sailboats.

There was a complete rainbow when we left!!!

Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas:

We took a cab and were let out at a public beach. There were tons of people but if you walked down there was no one! It didn't say private beach so we kept going. The water was awesome. Like a swimming pool!! We walked all the way to the point you can see in the pic above.

When we got down to the point it was amazing. Too bad we didn't have snorkel gear!

Looking back at the Atlantis Resort.

I give you Cococay, Bahamas:You'll have to excuse me... I was in love with the coconut trees!!

I just couldn't stop taking pictures of them!
(and also have no idea how I turned underline on or how to turn it off, haha!!)

I enjoyed this uncrowded beach immensly. It was just right around the corner from everyone else all squished in this one place. I didn't understand it. Other than I guess the bar was really far from this spot.... or I guess people just didn't want to walk that far? just like on Cabbage Beach? no idea! it was beautiful and I was so happy I pretty much had it to myself.

And then the wonderful Key West:
Aaaah yeah, my husband was not going to wait in line to take a picture with this so we just kept moving. We ended up renting bikes to ride around the island. I loved riding the bikes!! might be my favorite part of the whole trip.

Key West beach is not as impressive when you have seen the Bahamas already. But it was still better than Texas!!

I like mine with lettuce and tomato, somethin somethin, and french fried potatoes. Cheese burger in paradise ah ah ahhhhh.

and of course had to have Key Lime Pie

And don't forget South Beach (where apparently I also video'd a necked ladeh... hey I just thought my husband was giving me the regular wierd look!! haha!)

It was a really hazy day on Miami Beach and we were tired. So not the greatest pics from that experience.

I just thought this was funny... for some reason. Saving lives is not really funny but I kinda wanted to see it happen.

Versace mansion

And we would go back in a heart beat. Husband is already scouting a cruise out of San Juan. Man... babies you cost alotta money. Do you know how many cruises I could go on? I know you are worth it in the end. But I will so show you these pictures one day and tease you anyway. Hee heee.

I think also we have decided we will do a work up at CCRM on spring break. And possibly take a trip from Denver to Vegas. Ah the best laid plans, right? Well I hope it does work out. Texas to Colorado. Are we crazy? cuz I feel like people are gonna think we are.