Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi ya'll!  No posts in very long time.  Just been trying to focus on other things... it only works partially of course as you probably all know.

Let me see if I can summarize.

Feb/March - Attempt #1 for FET #1.  Lining 7.6 which was not quite good enough for doctor so they add estrace to my protocol and extend for a week trying to get lining to 9.  Fluid shows up in uterus (!!!! this has happened before, here we go again).  Lining degrades after an extra week and fluid still there.  Cancel because I can't extend another week due to festivities beginning for my sisters wedding.  Decide to cancel until after her wedding is over just because schedules are too crazy and husband had end of school stuff to try to work around anyway.  Too much stress for that!  I point out that no fluid until starting ESTRACE and doctor does not think it is causing the fluid at all, but had they known outcome the 7.6 lining would have been fine to work with.  GAH.

May 28 my little sis got married! I was cranky on estrogen and couldn't drink.  TEAR.

May/June - Attempt #2 for FET #1.  Start estrace from the beginning.  LOTS of fluid in uterus this time.  Again say that I think estrace is somehow causing fluid.  Also explain when this happened before once I started progesterone the fluid usually goes away.  Lining 7.8, not much more than when NOT on estrace anyway. Recheck after 2 days progesterone, even moRE fluid.  Get canceled which I am expecting.  I tell them I am doing my own experiment since they are just doing NOTHING.  Stop estrace, stay on all meds as if I am doing transfer anyway.  Have local doc recheck me on what would have been transfer day.  Lining 8.6 and NO FLUID.  Want to tell doctor to kiss my ass. 

Rescheduled for July 28 attempt #3 for FET #1.  Will NOT INCLUDE ESTRACE.  I can't say how aggravated I am.  I am happy I proved to them that my instincts were RIGHT but that doesn't give me the extra 4 months back that we wasted.  We could have transferred in BOTH attempts had they just had the decency to listen to me.  But, I guess that's how this game is played.  They have my embryos so what can I really do?