The Ride

When we jumped on the carousel...
(reverse chronological order)

June 2011 - FET cancelled again.  Starting estrace at beginning of cycle - even more fluid than last time.  7.8 lining at first check.  Stop estrace and recheck on what would have been transfer day.  No fluid and 8.6 lining.  

March 2011 - FET cancelled.  7.6 lining, fluid in uterus after starting estrace.  Argue that is causing fluid, doc doesn't think so.

March 2011 - Gearing up for FET #1 from IVF#3 and #4.  This is getting complicated to keep up with! Not sure how many or which ones we will transfer.  Excited to transfer ANY of them :-)

November 2010 - IVF #4 at CC.RM
34 eggs retreived
24 mature
20 fertilized normally
15 still going strong on day 3
8 frozen embryos on day 5 and 6 (YAYA!!)
(3) 4BB
(2) 4AA
(1) 4AB
(2) 2-3 with no ABC grade, but good enough to freeze (which good enough by CCRM standards means good enough for ME) plus don't forget our little guy, the 3BB, from IVF #3 :-)

 July 2010 - IVF #3 at CC.RM
Estrogen drop caused us to trigger before we were ready.
40 eggs retrieved
Only 6 were mature, all fertilized.
Matured 9 more in the lab and 6 more fertilized so we had 12 going.
Only had one 3BB embryo to freeze by the end (not sure if frozen day 5 or 6)

February 16, 2009 - First Beta Scheduled, BFN

February 2, 2009 - Transferred 1 blast, 1 preblast and one morula with assisted hatching; none made it to freeze.

January 2009 - IVF#2 at local clinic
Microdose Lupron
43 eggs retrieved
23 immature or atretic
20 mature
11 fertilized initially and over the next 3 days 9 more fertlized!

May 2008 - After much trial and error, we discovered that when I started prometrium (progesterone) the fluid would go away. Built lining (which also seems to a be a challenge) and transfered frozen embryo. First Beta was low, 14, but still considered positive. Second Beta was negative.

January 2008 - Suspected a polyp, had hysteroscopy. No polyp but they removed a blood clot.

December 2007 - Endometrial biopsy, came out fine, no infection or abnormalities.

November 2007 - IVF #1 (local clinic), 11 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilized, but only one reached blast. Fluid on the uterus for unknown reason so we froze the one embryo. Spent A LOT of time trying to figure out the fluid in my uterus.

November 2006 - Clomid plus menopur with IUI, BFN.

July to October 2006 - Thyroid problems, cysts on ovaries.

May 2006 - Tried extremely high doses of Clomid, did not ovulate.

Nov 2005 - SA (everything great but low morphology). First cycle with clomid plus injectibles, did ovulate, BFN.

June 2005 - started Metformin

October 2004 to May 2005 - PCOS, tried Clomid and Femara several times.

January 2004- Stopped taking the pill.