Monday, April 2, 2012

2 more days

In 2 days (or less) we are going to meet our little baby girl.  I still can't believe its happening.  I love feeling her kick.  It is the most amazing feeling.  If I don't feel her then I worry worry worry, for all the good it will do.  I will miss definitely miss this.  I really have loved being pregnant.  (Well, minus the numb hands, indigestion and inability to sleep!)  But I am ready to meet her.  See what she looks like and what her little personality will bring.  And to experience all the joys and trials of parenthood.

I am scared too.  I hope I can do this.  It's all I have wanted for a very long time.

29 weeks

Our original due date was April 14, but I will be induced this Wednesday April 4.  I have gestational diabetes, which is under control by diet, but the doc doesn't usually go past 39 weeks with it.  But it's also Easter weekend and she is going out of town, so we are getting to go a few days early.  Which is totally fine by me, PLUS 4 happens to be my very favorite number.  So 4/4/12 sounds like a perfect birthday to me :-)

Praying all goes well and that I will figure this all out.  For someone who really, really wanted to have a baby, I feel really unprepared!  But I don't think there is any way to completely prepare.  So I am just ready to find out what lies ahead.

Happy Easter everyone!  It's also my favorite to celebrate.  We have sunrise service and sing my favorite hymn.  It's just so uplifting and joyful.  Lent leading up to it is dark, but out of that darkness comes such joy!  I think this is the perfect time of year to bring our little girl into the world.


  1. So very happy and excited for you, you'll do great!!!

  2. :) been thinking about you and wondering how it went???