Friday, March 4, 2011

party has started

Well the party has started but due to MAJOR work stress I haven't had time to think too hard about it.  Which is good.  But also bad because sooo much STRESS.   Hopefully it has all ended this week and I can now be peaceful until my transfer.  And hopefully at least the 2ww after, but who knows!

I have been on Lupron for 2 weeks and started estrogen patches this past Sunday.  I had my first E2 check today and it was 97 and they want it to be greater than 50.  So it's looking pretty good and I keep going as scheduled.  In the next few days I am set to increase the estrogen doses and I have more blood work and an ultrasound next Friday.  I really hope the ultrasound will show good things.

I am trying to be very positive and I really am overall.  I keep thinking maybe I should get back to reality since there a million things that could go wrong.  But, then I tell myself IT'S OK to be positive.  Funny how 4 IVFs will make you very skeptical though.  Very skeptical that things will go exactly as planned.

I try to say little prayers multiple times of day.  Please God let this be it.  Let one of those little 4AAs be our baby.  Or our babies.  Please, please, please.

The only thing that stinks is not drinking caffeine and kinda freaking out when people ask me to go have drinks and then scrambling for a reasonable excuse.  I really hate that part because I suck at lying.  Which is a good thing, but sometimes inconvenient if you know what I mean.