Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy....

If you like country music (which being in Texas are we the ONLY ones?) then you have heard this song. Man I looooveeee that song and it gets stuck in my head. So true!!

So loooonnnggg time and no posting for me. I don't have a lot to say so just keeping quiet. It has hit me lately than in about 3 months I will be 31 and I have done nothing IF related since February. Kinda depressing. REALLY depressing. I really am trying to be patient but still be in the now. It is hard.

God is great... even when you can't understand why or how. I have had such fun seeing some people get pregnant but then some people have had horrible, saddening, gut wrenching losses. I don't understand it. But still, God is great. I know He is. And they know He is too.

Beer is good... which is probably why I haven't posted a lot, heee! We've been livin' like we are in college lately. It is fun I must say! More carefree than we have been in a long time. It is kinda hurtin' the pocket book but for some reason I don't want to say "no we can't go" anymore. I have said that for (GASSSPPPP) six years [5.5 technically to make myself feel better].

And people are crazy... I joined a gym. Apparently a money tree is growing in my backyard. But I really need to lose weight and tone up. It is not only critical for the babymaking next year but also for an upcoming wedding where I have to wear a mermaid style dress. YES THAT IS WHAT I SAID. Let's just say I am short and more than a little curvy and that dress is going look like ass on me. I could lose 30 pounds and it would still look bad. It doesn't even flatter the size 4s!! BUT GOD IS GREAT AND BEER IS GOOD... and guess what? People are crazy! especially brides!! The beer will be especially good the night of that wedding ;-)

Also other people are crazy. Family members are crazy. People that you think are your good friends are a little crazy. And they sometimes, I guess, just don't care for you that much anymore and move on to what they feel are better things or friends or whatever. Ah well, what to do? Not much. The problem is that I figure this out... then time passes.... then we see them again and it is like I have to learn it all over again. Why am I so dumb? gah! I feel that this is a sign that I truly am a forgiving person because it is like my brain resets and I keep coming back for more. This has been a pattern in past relationships as well. What gives? and thank GOD I found a decent husband despite this trait of mine.

I still have not called colorado and tried to make my spring break appointment or try to find out by the checklist I received a round about cost for the work up. Or you know just in general tell them I want to be their patient? I am in denial and avoidance has seemed like the best thing. "People are crazy" most definitely includes me.

BUT I do think we are going skiing in January and then possibly to Vegas after we do the workup in CO. Although I told hubs I don't think I will feel much like gambling after all the money we will spend on that. But we shall see!! I am excited to possibly get to go skiing. We were asked last year but I freaked out because I wasn't sure about exactly when we would be doing IVF and so I said we couldn't go. At least we get a second chance.

Sorry for the very spacey and rambly post ... but that is life as of late. Hope you are all well!