Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hello! Sweet Kate left me a note the other day to see what I am up to. And I guess I have been taking a blog vacation and worrying about doctor and babies vacation. Well, as much of a vacation you can take from it I guess! It is of course still always on my mind. But I haven't had a lot to say....

I have been watching so many I follow get pregnant and then some with losses. I am so happy for you that got positives and all you are experiencing, that is amazing and gives me such great hope that it will happen for me too in time. And then some with losses that just break my heart. I don't feel like I have words great enough to make you feel better. But I am still paying attention, just haven't known what to say.

Also, I am getting ready for a real life vacation in 8 days. Cruise to the Bahamas! I am sooooooooooo excited and the hubby is too. This will be the first big trip we have taken all by ourselves in quite sometime! Since 2003 I think. I have spent an ungodly amount of money and time just "preparing" for the trip. You know tanning (I know its bad, but really I HAD TO or people would be seriously blinded), working out, counting calories, now this week time to get my hair did, bikini wax (oy! but some PCOS girls, we got no choice!!), and then I keep debating on a pedicure. I probably will, I have alot of blisters from working out. But I hope it will all be worth it... It feels good to think about that stuff and splurge on myself a little. But in the back of my mind I feel a little guilty too. Like I could pay bills or for IVF with that! But you know, sometimes you just need a break.

We still debate what our next move it is in the baby making department. We still consider the ovarian drilling but then again I haven't called my insurance company to see if they will cover that or if they might cover some of the diagnostic testing at CCRM. I don't know why I am being such a lazy bum over here. I suppose I have needed the time off from it all. I feel like I have just been waiting for that moment of clarity where a plan falls into place. I just want one to fall in my lap actually. HAHA!

I have had a recent moment of clarity, or so I thought, on the grad school front. I was thinking Instructional Design or something along those lines maybe specializing in distance education at a college of something. It kinda fits what I have done (during college student worker for an instructional design dept/center and then student worker for distance ed, then first full time job was computer training manager, now grant proposal admin) and also goes into the education field although not being a teacher already might kinda mean I wouldn't qualify for some jobs ... basically hubby wants me to go into teaching because guess what he is doing these days?! NOTHING, he is on vacation. Lucky dawwwwggggg.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. I have to say mine is going pretty good!! and I only have to work 4 days this week. WOOHOOOoooooo!