Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Luckily Blessed

I had my ER today and it all went very well. I am so thankful and feel so very blessed and excited. They got 39 eggs. 4 were no good so we have 35 to work with. I can't believe it! I am SOOOOooooo thankful. So thankful!!!!!!!!! I can't even describe how excited and thankful or say it enough.

First off, we had to travel last night because there were all these ice storm warnings. In Texas, this is a big deal and people freak out. I was just concerned that it would take us forever to get there in the morning and my hubby agreed that it would be easier and more relaxing for both of us to know we didn't have to worry about it. And the town we were going to was right on the edge of where it got pretty bad. So we packed up and headed out, got there about 11:30. I was very cranky when we got there and was taking it out on my poor hubby. But in my defense, we were standing on the balcony in the freezing ass wind while I couldn't get the door open, and he is just standing there pointing as some baseball field and slowly telling me how he played baseball there once. I DID NOT CARE at the moment, just get me in the stupid door so I can stop freezing my butt off and go to bed! And then I discovered I had forgotten my glasses which did not help my mood further. Finally, we got to bed about 12:30.

Then we slept too late and were a little late for our appt to sign the consent forms. The beds and pillows were so comfy! OOPs. Although not unlike us at all to be late. On the short drive to the clinic there was still ice everywhere, just luckily the roads and bridges were fine. We agreed we had made the right decision though. We felt kinda dumb at first since it was bright sunshine outside already.

Then we got in with the doc, signed the consents, and made our way to L&D to get my IV. Well that was an adventure. It took them 3 tries and I have a nice big bruise on my right hand now, but at least I had requested a numbing shot, otherwise I would have been in hysterical tears. That has never happened before that they couldn't find the vein. They kept asking me if I always have trouble. Sorry nurse lady, no, I think it might be you. I felt bad for her, I know she felt bad to stick me so many times. So then a backup came in and got done luckily.

Then it was lights out and I woke up an hour and a half later to the good news. I know I am very lucky and I am just so happy it turned out so well this time. I am much more sore than last time though. And now I walk like an old lady and I am kinda whacked out on pain meds. But I will take it any day for that many eggs.

They are going to do (or did earlier this afternoon already) ICSI this time since our fertilization rate last time was pretty low. And they will call with the fert report tomorrow.

I hope that this streak of luck continues and I thank GOD for blessing me. I have been asking Him each step of the way to bless us and give me grace to handle anything unexpected and he has certainly answered all those prayers. Thanks everyone who prayed for me or sent good vibes my way. I would appreciate if they would keep coming my way!!!


  1. WOWZA!!! I don't know itf I have ever heard of that many retrieved! What was your last e2 #? I am sure your dr. warned you to look for OHSS symptoms. Please be careful and call him if you're not peeing as much as normal or you feel full or have trouble breathing. Eat LOTS & lots of protein and drink some gatorade. Salty foods are good too. I am happy you have so many to work with, but worried too! Be well and rest up! Can't wait for your fert report. HUGS

  2. Holy Crap....39 eggs!!!!!! Amazing!

  3. HOLY SH*T I HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF 39 EGGS!!!! 39??? WOW!! i can't tell you how uncomfortable i was when they got 16 from me, i truly cannot imagine what 39 felt like in there! holy smokes!! eat lots of peanut butter and best wishes for a good fert report, i can't wait to hear all the good news to come!

  4. BB,

    So happy to hear that everything went sooooo well. That is such a great story. Now I am crossing my fingers to be sure that at least half fertilize. They certainly aren't going to inject all 35 of them are they? I thought they usually ICSI' 10-15, but I am no expert. Whatever the numbe ris I am sure that they will turn into perfect Grade A blastocysts. Again, congratulations.

  5. That is so awesome! 35 is a *fantastic* number, you overachiever you.

    Crossing my fingers for excellent fertilization with the ICSI. Woo-hoo!!!