Friday, January 23, 2009

Chill Pill

OK, so I have hopefully chilled out since my last post. I was very worked up obviously. I will blame it on the estrogen. Sound good? okay, I thought so.

So today's appointment went better. The doctor was more his usual self which was 1000 times more comforting than the last appointment. He didn't count the follicles again, but he did do some measuring. But only some and he didn't tell me what they were. However, he let me watch this time and said things like "oh that's a great picture" "look at that!" "ooh that one is big" and my personal favorite "this looks more like a donor egg cycle and I don't count those because there are just always too many". He also said my retrieval is going to take forever. These were all things that were so comforting and made me smile. And my lining I think was 8.6, much better once again than it has been before. And I asked if we were on track for the way my calendar was built and he said yes, of course pending my estrogen level AND that I don't prematurely ovulate which of course would be very bad. But I didn't dwell on that.

But then the nurse emailed with my E2. 4,477 YOWSA!

It was good timing because like 30 seconds before that I was on the phone with the pharmacy ordering more meds. The pharmacy is on the East Coast so it was 4:30 there and they stop taking overnight orders at 5. So then I had to call right back and say please cancel that $665 order for Fo.llis.tim. Which they did. Which is sooo nice since it looks like what I originally ordered is going to be just fine to get me to Monday at least.

So my plan now is no Fo.llis.tim tonight (I took 200iu this morning already) and 100iu 2 times Saturday and 50iu 2 times Sunday. And of course I am still on 0.05 2 times per day. Then I go back in Monday. First to give them all my money, then to sign preop papers, then to do another scan and get the OK for trigger. Egg retrieval is probably Wednesday pending no new developments.


  1. woohoo, that all sounds great!!

  2. HOLY MOLY! That is some E2! You are going to be sore. You should probably stock up on high protein foods and gatorade now. Thinking of you and sending you all kinds of good vibes!!

  3. omg! doesn't it seem like it is all happening really quickly??????? i'm so excited.

    ...right behind you ;)

  4. congratulations! that sounds amazing. sending all kinds of good wishes your way.

  5. Wow, that is a LOT of follies!!! Wishing you lots of luck and thanks for the comment on my blog. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

  6. That sounds perfectly fantastic. What a reason to celebrate. Like a donor egg cycle and less expensive than you had planned. Sure glad that they don't charge you by the eggs that they have to retrieve. Can't wait to hear how things go on Wednesday.