Monday, January 26, 2009

So far so good!

Today I had my day 10 ultrasound and blood work. Things still look good according to the doctor. He did count and measure 7 follicles on each ovary and said that was enough for him so hopefully, that means there are alot more there that he just didn't feel like counting and measuring them all. I snuck a peak when he was out of the room and they were anywhere from 16 to 21 mm. I think I saw that my lining is 7.8 which is down from the last measurement I thought I saw, but the important thing is that he said it looks really good and asked me to keep up the good work on it. So I am not going to stress about the numbers. He has been flying through the measurements which to me means he is not worried enough to really, really take his time.

I am so glad and so thankful. I did a little happy dance when he left the room. And said lots of thankful prayers. YAAY!

So tonight I trigger at 11pm. I was SooooOOOOO tired all today and at the end of the day I drank a huge glass of water and suddenly I felt awake again. I spent most of the day at the doctor in the morning so I guess I didn't drink enough and was dehydrated. Crazy! When they told me I had to trigger at 11 I was like I WILL NEVER MAKE IT. But now thankfully after more fluids I feel better and more awake. I am headed to a friends house shortly for her to give me the shot since hubby is like no way, no how, please someone else do it because even though I love you I am a giant wuss about shots . I really can't blame him with that biggo needle and I am a pro now at giving myself shots, but if I had to do it to someone else? Not so much!

In other news, I ended up having to tell my mom everything yesterday. We didn't know what time the retrieval was going to be for sure Wednesday (it is now set for 11am) and my hubby needs to be back for something work related no later than 4. And we have a 2 hour drive. So we thought it would be better to get someone to come get me as a back up plan in case I get sick or have low blood sugar like last time. My recovery took a little longer because of it and this way if I do feel bad again she can take care of me.

Telling her went well. But I had alot of emotion after keeping it bottled up for 1.5 years and the fact that this is our second one and all. So most of the conversation was probably uninterpretable on the other end because of my sobbing and sniffing. I told her it is not that I didn't trust her with it, I just didn't want to tell her because I wanted to do it on my own. Also because I didn't want to talk about it all the time. She admitted that she realized she doesn't need to help me obsess and she totally understood. It was good to tell her but now I feel a little weird with what all else we will tell her and when, you know if BFP or even BFN. Either way, at least that is over with and she knows. It felt pretty good. And I am also happy my hubby was so supportive and encouraging about telling her because that also means my dad will know and maybe my sister. But who knows, they don't all always talk the way you would think, so the other 2 may know nothing at all! I didn't tell her about the blog yet. Thought maybe later, plus I am not sure that she would get on it anyway.

If you have a minute and can send a prayer my way for a great retrieval and fertilization report I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone for your comments and support, it has really made this cycle so very nice. I can't say that enough!


  1. Hey BB,

    Sending you all of my best wishes. It sounds as if everything is going superbly. Will be thinking about you on Wednesday. This is going to be your month!

  2. I'm glad the conversation with your mom went well and that your husband supported you telling her.

    Hope the trigger was painless -- sending you tons of well-wishes for good retrieval and fertilization!!!

  3. Sounds like you are having a fantastic response. I can't wait to hear how it goes tomorrow - sending thoughts and prayers your way.

    I am glad telling your mom went well. I think it will be good to have her support!

    Thanks for the sweet comment. I am glad you started blogging! Happy trigger! Enjoy the "romance" this evening ;)

  4. i can't believe how fast this cycle seems to be going!!! yea for good results. i will be thinking about you on wednesday. you are one week ahead of me.

    also glad you have support from your mom. it's always scary to tell people...who knows how they will react!