Friday, January 9, 2009

2008 in the Rear View Mirror

So I wanted to write something today, although I didn't know what. I have a lot of nervous energy leading up to my appointment Monday. I have been really relaxed lately but starting last night I had trouble going to sleep. So many thoughts rushing through my head at once... I was so tense and I felt like I just couldn't make the thoughts STOP. So I guess I am trying to get that all out here now!

I have been seeing everyone doing a year in review type post. I have been trying to think of the best things of 2008... I felt at first it was hard to come up with things, but once I started thinking about it, there are quite a few.

1. I applied for a new job in a big city and got an interview. I went for 2 interviews and got the exact offer I asked for.... but then I chickened out and didn't take it. There was just too much involved. #1 I was in the middle of IVF #1 fiasco and had an FET scheduled 2 weeks after they wanted me to start. #2 We would have had to sell our house and move. #3 And even with moving, because of rush hour traffic, I would have had a 1 to 1.5 hour one way commute every single day. It felt so GOOD that they thought I was highly qualified and worth it. The perks and pleasure of working there seemed endless. But in the in end, my gutt told me not to go. Of course I didn't figure this out until after crying and sobbing to my bestest friend ever over the phone.

2. I have really re-connected with above said friend over this past year which has been indescribably wonderful to have her back in my life. We have been best buds since 3rd grade and she is the friend that knows me best. I know no matter what we talk about, we both give each other advice from the heart and we are honest. You can't beat that. And time has really tested our friendship, you know life happens and sometimes it takes you separate ways. We always kept in touch but now we talk regularly. It is amazing to talk to her and pick up right where we left off without hardly skipping a beat. She is also a doctor. I wish I was so smart!! In 2009 I need to be better about calling HER though, she kinda does all the checking in with me...

3. We traveled at least once per month in the summer. We went tubing at my favorite River. Then we went to New Orleans with friends (well technically FAMILY but I call them my friends before family - is that good or bad? I mean it good as in I would be their friend even if they weren't family ya know?). Then we went to a big Kenny Chesney concert, Poets and Pirates. Loved it. Nothing major, but all very enjoyable.

4. My hubby got a job at a new school AND also gets to teach at a local junior college. This really settled a lot fears financially. His first semester at the school was pretty rocky though, he hated it. It is a public school in a bad neighborhood and COMPLETELY different from the private school he was at before. Also the paycheck - completely different in a good way. Plus the juco job gives us extra money. This semester he is teaching even more there so YAY! And also thankfully he has settled in and is somewhat enjoying his other school too. He has been picked to teach a gifted program next year at the same school and will have totally different kids. He is very excited and it is great to see him that way again!

5. I did see the two lines on a pregnancy test. Even though my numbers then didn't double. But hey, it is further than I ever gotten before so I will consider it a good thing. I know since we didn't get very far and we didn't see a heartbeat or anything that it really doesn't count, but I did see those lines after I peed on that stick. That has never happened before.

There are also a long list of things that happened in 2008 that I hope not to repeat in 2009. But, this was supposed to be positive, so I will just say those in my prayers tonight. Goodnight internets. I sure hope I can sleep now.


  1. I love the new layout! Your year in review sounds like it had more good than bad, which is always a great thing. Sorry it wasn't the perfect year though. Here's to 2009 - it is the year of hope afterall!

  2. Thanks my loyal reader ;-) I am learning more about this blogging stuff as time goes by. Now I just need to make more friends! And 2009 is definitely a hopeful year for everyone!