Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drum Roll

The nurse emailed me this morning. She said there were actually 43 (HOLY GOD really? I have never heard of that many either. I feel like a freak, but I guess in a good way). But then 23 were immature or atretic* so that left us 20 mature. Not too shabby, still very pleased. Of the 20, then 11 fertilized. And they didn't tell me my E2 but I would be interested to know what it was/is. I know the embryologist said my E2 looked good before the retrieval but that is all I know. I didn't think to ask.

At first I was kinda wanting to be upset about the fert rate, but then I realized I was just being GREEDY since I can't have 20 kids anyway! The nurse said it was "very nice" and I agree. Also, they decided not to do ICSI for some reason so those all fertilized by just letting the "sperm pick" as the nurse put it. I just pray that not too many fall off in the next five days. They haven't said if we will do a 3 day or 5 day transfer yet, but we are really hoping for a 5 day blast transfer if at all possible. And possibly at least a few to freeze in case we have to try again. I guess tomorrow we will see how they are all doing.

They also don't grade the embryos so I don't have any exciting things to say about the 11. I am actually fine with that though. In my mind they are all equal then! Any one of them could be the ONE (or two or three, SEE VERY GREEDY suddenly, I am sorry, please everyone forgive me).

As for how I feel now... well very, very sore. And the doc gave me and yesterday it seemed fine to take them because I could sleep. But today I went to work and OMG the loopiness and I just took ONE. Plus I think they were making me nauseous. But after a hour or so I felt better. I just feel really bloated and have alot of gas that I feel is trapped and it won't come out. Also, the ole ovaries do hurt when I walk but it has gotten better throughout the day. And I only took that one pain pill at 8:3o and haven't had any since. Finding an outfit to wear to work was interesting to say the least. And tomorrow we can wear jeans and that just makes me LAUGH at this point. Not sure what to do. Maybe I can go to Target and get some really stretchy tights or leggings or thigh high hose so I could wear a flowy dress without freezing my buns off. (well you know freezing for TX weather, what 50 degrees? Yep)

I am concerned about OHSS. I am drinking lots of Gatorade and water and eating salty food. Thanks everyone for those suggestions because I didn't know to do any of that before! I have been peeing every 5 minutes it seems which I am guessing is a good thing so far. But I haven't had very much protein today though which I know I need. (I had a big ole steak last night ;-)) I do have peanut butter so I will probably have a snack of that soon. They gave me a list of things to look for and while I do feel really full and bloated, I think I am doing OK so far. I am crossing my fingers anyway. How long until I am out of the woods though? Anyone know?

Overall I am just trying not to stress and trying to be patient. I am doing OK so far, but I don't know how long it will last. And tonight, my first PIO. Not looking forward to it, but it is a necessary evil.

*I didn't know what atretic means so I looked it up... an ovarian follicle in an undeveloped state due to immaturity, poor nutrition or systemic disease; manifested by prolonged anestrus.
I imagine this has something to do with my PCOS and that those follies were there and dormant too long because my hormones are all whacko.


  1. Wow, great report!!! Sending lots of P&PT your way!

  2. this is such great news. :) that is a great number. not sure about any of the diet/fluid recommendations. i will have to take your lead on that. no one said anything to me the first time, and i was very uncomfortable.

    my best advice: use a pillow to splint your belly as much as possible. i slep with one for almost a week :)

  3. my understanding is it's very normal to have many atretic or immature follicles when you've got so many...we can only grow so many good ones at once, and probably for good reason! i think my OHSS showed up about 4 days after retrieval, and i think symptoms can last 1-2 weeks, longer if bfp.

    did your doc tell you to eat salty foods? maybe i'm confused about this but i thought you were supposed to avoid salty foods to help you stay more hydrated?

  4. I am so happy to hear your update! I have been thinking about you all day. I can't believe you went to work today - you are a trooper. Numbers look great - 11 is fantastic! I think you should make it to day 5, but it all depends how they look in the next day or so.

    If you do get PG, you will still be in danger of OHSS - your hcg will continue to rise and OHSS symptoms could flare up big time. So don't be surprised to feel crappy again.

    Hope this is it for you, but I def. hope you are spared the misery of OHSS!!