Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wait for it, wait for it...

So... I have a calendar and now finally I have actual appointments*. I go Monday at 8am for my first scan to check for cysts. I may be crazy, but I am excited. And a little anxious. After the last time and all the fluid in my uterus and no one knowing what was causing it or how to get rid of it, I really don't know what to expect at all. (I can't remember if I even posted anything about how last time went, not sure that I want to go down the road and re-live it now though, rather stay POSITIVE).

Anyhow, here is IVF#2 Microflare protocol.

Started BCP November 3 and have been on active pills all this time. Does anyone else do the BCP this long!?
Jan 12 Baseline scan, start baby aspirin (I would think they do labs this day it doesn't say on my calendar...?)
Jan 13 stop BCP
Jan 16 start 0.050mg Lupron twice daily
Jan 17 - Jan 20 continue Lupron start 225iu Follistim twice daily
Jan 21 and 23 Ultrasounds and blood work
Jan 26 Ultrasound and blood work, hopefully trigger and start antibiotics
Jan 28 estimated retrieval date, start dexamethasone plus progesterone after retrieval
and with luck hopefully a 5 day transfer on Feb 2

I will be probably have to add estrogen at some point in there because some times I have trouble building my lining.

I have heard alot about accupunture needing to be added but I am considering a few massages just to try to help me relax. It really can't hurt anything except my pocket book.

*Of course calling to get the appointments couldn't go without talking to the secretary lady I love so much. I was determined to very up beat and happy when talking to her and she did SO GOOD at being nice and friendly until the very end. Bless her little heart. She tried, but in the end she still had to make a snide comment. It was fine, but pump me with hormones in the next few weeks and it will NOT BE FINE.

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