Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lovin the Lazy

Hello. First, thanks to everyone who has commented. It really is exciting to get new comments or see that people are following along. This IF stuff gets lonely sometimes and it has just helped me feel more positive all around. So THANKS!!

I started 0.05 mg of 2 times per day Friday. According to my calendar AF was supposed to also arrive, but she didn't until Saturday. Saturday I also added 225iu of Fo.lli.sti.m twice a day to the shot mix. So that is 4 shots a day now. And really it is not that bad at all. The Fo.llis.tim is a breeze after trying out subQ last time. THAT was painful. This, not so much so far, even taking it straight out of the fridge.

And this time I have actually ventured to travel with my stims. The last time I would not have dreamed of leaving my house or anything because I had to take my meds. I am usually a freak about this. But I am determined to at least TRY to keep a semi-normal life during this second round because it will keep my mind off of "things" and hopefully leave me in a better state of being. More relaxed and more positive. So this weekend I was going to my cousin's bday (turned 3, he is so cute!) but I wasn't planning to go until the day of the party. Instead I did go Friday night to help his mom get everything together. And I took my stuff with me in a little cooler and snuck to and from the bathroom with it successfully (as far as I know). I was really nervous because for the Fo.llisti.m I was using a pen which I haven't done before. I had some problems getting the needle on and off which almost caused panic, but I figured it out.

So the only side effect I seem to be having is being REALLY tired. Like so very, very tired. I slept until 10:30 this morning and I could have possibly stayed in bed all day. But my hubby was like when are you ever going to get up!? And I felt really, really bad for missing church. I know I need to go and I feel like God is going to punish me with a bad IVF for not going. I know that is not how it really works, but I feel guilty none the less, especially since I got up to take my shots at a time that would have been perfect to get ready and go to church. But I was so tired, I crawled back in bed and went to sleep thinking I would just go to the late service. Ah, yeah, but I didn't set an alarm and hubby does not just get up for church. III always have to be the one to say we are going. I told him isn't he the head of the household and all that? He just laughed. He knows who is in charge, JK baby!!!!

I said some prayers for forgiveness and we watched a sermon on TV. That sorta made me feel better. Then I spent the rest of the day pretty much doing nothing. I am so lazy, what WILL I do when I do have a kid? But for now, and tomorrow since I have off, I am going to enjoy the induced laziness*.

*(although hubby would say it is not just he, and he is probably RIGHT)


  1. you seriously deserve some laziness with everything IF puts you through! and please don't worry about being punished, whatever your beliefs are, i think it's what's in your heart that really matters. take care and enjoy your time off!!

  2. Could you explain why you put punctuation in the brand names that your write?

    You must be on the L.upr.on flare protocol. My response this time is better than last. Not great but better.

    Here is wishing that your new cycle goes well.

  3. Hooray for stims!!! Time will fly by now. GL, GL, GL!!! Sorry you are so tired!

    Maredsous - so they are not searchable.

  4. Here from Cycle Sistas...I know what you mean about prayers for forgiveness. I just put an entry on my blog about that a couple days ago. It's tough, don't you think?