Monday, January 12, 2009

Baseline Check, Check

I went to my appointment nice and early this morning. I left at 6:20ish thinking that would give me an extra 10 or 15 minutes before my appointment at 8. NOT more like 4 minutes to spare. I felt bad seeing as I was the first appt of the day. I really wasn't late, I just wanted to be early I guess!

When they did the U/S there was just silence, which was kinda killing me. Usually Dr. W is very talkative and I was wondering to myself, well what does THIS mean? Finally, he told the nurse go get "xxxx" and she was like "I thought you would say that" at which point I am staring at both of them going HUH? They said they just want to "check something to be sure everything is OK. We don't want any surprises with you." At this point I still have no real explanation yet, but I am trying not to panic and start crying as is usually my role.

Finally, when they were ready to explain they said I didn't have fluid (thank you God for answering that prayer, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Did you hear me? THANK YOU GOD FOR ANSWERING THAT PRAYER!). But they said that while my lining looks good (again thank you God for answering that prayer) that they see something that could possibly be a polyp and needed to do a Hysto____ (I didn't catch the end name of it?) where you fill the uterus with saline and see if there is a polyp on the ultrasound. I must have looked a little down and Dr. W was "it is always something isn't it? We just want to be sure there are no surprises with you. Or not anymore than we have already had!" I agreed, I would like no surpries other than BFP at the end of this! So long story short, they did hystowhatever and everything was fine. My uterus showed as rounded with nothing around the edge which was great news!! And he showed me the thickness of the lining which I was proud of. Geez, the things we get excited about when you go through this.

I was so proud of myself for not freaking out about something possibly being wrong. And also not being too wussy during the procedure. There was some cramping so I tried to focus my mind on something else. It was no where near the bad as the endometrial biopsy. That was a biotch, this was pretty smooth.

And there were no cysts which is what they were checking on in the first place.

So proceed!!! YIPPEE! My last BCP is tomorrow and I start Lupron twice a day on Thursday. And now we are going to eat to celebrate. Red Lobster. I know some people (probably most people) think it is cheesy, but I really think it is so yummy. Being from central TX and all, I am not picky when it comes to the quality of seafood I get ;-)

Cute story about hubby: Yesterday he rearrange the 2 extra bedrooms "to prepare for the baby or babies". He has a Man Room that he plays video games in and is his space so it was so sweet of him to say he would give it up when the baby comes or somehow rearrange and take all his sport memoriabilia down. He said it was what he could do to be positive about this process. IT WAS SO SWEET. Aww. Love.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog, and I'll be following your story. Glad it turned out to be nothing. And yay for a nice thick lining! I've had horrible problems myself with lining, so I can relate.

  2. Wow, that must be a huge relief. All of the waiting and now you can finally proceed. Are you doing the lupron flare protocol as well?

    Funny, I live in Texas now and we also enjoy going to Red Lobster. We don't do it often, but whenever we do we really enjoy it. (but it is really hard to not eat those stupid cheddar bisquits).

    Hope your cell goes well.

  3. hi, saw you on cyclesista and just wanted to wish you luck. you'll be about a week behind me starting lupron so i'll be checking in and cheering for you!

  4. Came over from Cyclesista -- good luck to you!!! Maybe you had an HSG? At any rate, glad it was positive news. Enjoy those cheddar garlic biscuits, they're the best!

  5. Hi! I'm over from cyclesista. I'm doing a long Lupron suppression protocol and should start stims in the beginning of February, so it sounds like we're on similar cycles.

    I'm so happy to hear that everything worked out with your U/S. I know that sickening feeling when all of a sudden the doctor or tech goes quiet.

    Good luck - I'll keep stopping over to see how things are going.