Monday, February 2, 2009

Transferred Up

I feel like I have really been absent! I haven't posted because the last few days have kinda sucked. I have felt really terrible and so I haven't been up to much at all and all I could think of to write was complainy, whiny stuff. Which I know you would all understand, but I just felt like it would be too sad so I declined. The good news is today I feel much better.

To try to sum it all up... Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I was really bloated and uncomfortable but nothing of the really bad signs they warn you about. Sometimes I thought I was having shortness of breath, but to me if you THINK about that then you can basically make it happen so I was never quite sure. The worst part was the terrible, terrible and painful gas I was getting and oddly it showed up around 3am every night. And I had to get up and walk and hope and pray that some would come out while chugging tums and Mylanta. It would temporarily help until I laid down for a while again and then it was back. It was so painful, I was thinking is this what pregnancy is going to be like?

I tried eating more protein and drinking tons of Gatorade**. I even resorted to calling L&D twice to talk to a resident to try to make sure that this indeed was gas and wasn't caused by something else or somehow was something bad. They always were very helpful and did say there were cause for concern considering the amount of eggs that were retrieved. But I made it through without ever going in to see them since it is a 2 hour drive.

This morning though I decided to call my clinic to see what they thought since I was never able to talk to my actual doctor all weekend. I was concerned if something bad was going on that maybe the transfer was not a good idea. They suggested blood work to see if anything was going on. I am fine with them saying suck it up, I can do that! but I just wanted to be certain nothing else was going on.

So when I got to my transfer appointment, they said all was well with the blood work and I was relieved. They did check my abdomen for fluid and my right ovary is like floating up in my abdomen, but they didn't seem to be surprised and said the fluid is really not as bad as is could be this point. They thought the gas was from the antibiotic and since I take it at the same time every night, whala it shows up at the same time every night.

So then the embryologist came to say we had 4 morulas and he thought we should transfer 3. I was disappointed that we didn't have blasts but he said that he had looked at them in the morning so things could have changed and looked better now. We went through all the possibilities, my meds, the whole shabang and then it was time for the transfer.

When we went to the transfer room and they showed the embies on the screen, 1 was at blast and another almost there and still one other a compacting morula. I was very happy! And the even better news... we have one more morula that will probably make it to blast and we can freeze, but the BEST news is the that remaining 7 of our 20 mature eggs also fertilized (it just took longer)! So we have 16 still chugging in the cleavage stage and we might get some more to freeze out of that. It is a long shot since they all fertilized late, but it is possible.

The transfer was odd for me this time. Like I didn't feel it was happening. I am excited, but I just don't know if it is because it is the second time or what. I feel somewhat in disbelief that I just transferred 3 embies into me! And now I am pregnant until proven otherwise. YAY!

Thanks everyone for all your great comments. It has been wonderful to have you all with me this time. Now I just have to make it through the 2ww. I need to start making a list of things to distract me!!

**It turns out they think all the Gatorade I was drinking was bad because it has too much sodium. Maybe I was drinking too much or something, but today I stopped and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I can't even SAY how much better. I was even able to eat without feeling bad after and I feel less pressure under my abdomen. Just be careful with it is all I am saying! Maybe there was something else I was supposed to be doing along with that and I didn't know. I am not sure.


  1. Girl I have been waiting and waiting and waiting! I'm so glad the transfer went well and am a tad jealous you got to transfer three but I will live. ;o) Gets lots and lots of rest and I hope you are feeling better soon. I think I may be fighting a stomach bug (ugh) and am hoping all will be ok. I'm so glad you finally posted and wow, 16 still chugging away... that is impressive!

  2. yea. that sounds good. get lots of rest. take care of yourself for the next two weeks :)

  3. I just started reading your blog. I wish you all the best. I just started CD2. Lots of prayers for you!

  4. Congrats on your transfer! I am so glad you are feeling better!! GL, GL, GL!

  5. Congrats on being pupo, BB. I'm sending happy thoughts your way.

  6. i'm not surprised about the gatorade, when i had ohss before they told me to only drink water and stay away from gatorade because of the sodium. glad you're feeling better. cheers to PUPO!!