Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still here, just keeping myself busy

Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments wondering about me and sorry I just dropped off. I have actually been keeping busy which is a good thing. I still have not POAS but probably will tomorrow once we get home from our weekend adventures. My beta is Monday. I feel scared to POAS for some reason. Then it is so final if it is negative... but it could positive. As someone said here in the blogosphere, you just don't know until you know. So I am hopeful, yet all the negative feelings still seem to creep in and take over. My husband is really annoyed by that, but it is SO HARD since I don't feel anything or have symptoms to be absolutely sure and convinced. I always leave room for what could go wrong when I think of things, it is just part of my personality....

So Thursday to stay busy, I went out with K who does my PIO. We had dinner and then she wanted to get her ear pierced, higher up I guess it is called in the cartilage? So I went to a tattoo and piercing parlor with her and watched her get it done. Before the PIO shots I probably could have NEVER watched. But I did and it wasn't too gross to me. Strange! K's hubby was very funny, he was totally against her taking a pregnant lady into a TATOO parlor. I that he was sweet for calling me preggers! Hehe.

Last night we came into H-town and stuffed ourselves with our all time favorite Italian food at's. OMG. SO good. But I know that I ate way, way, way too much. But it was grand. Then we just came home and did the quickest PIO shot ever because dinner has taken like 2.5 hours. Luckily, I had checked with my nurse to see if it was Ok to deviate from my normal time or I would have been freaking OUT. But she said around an hour off would be fine. We were like an hour and 10 minutes off, but hey I got it in and decided I will NOT freak out about it.

So today the boys went to play golf (although it has rained alot so I hope they are playing) and then d is at the gym (which is why I snuck on hubby's computer). She asked me to go along but I opted to stay home and sleep. When she gets back we are going for pedicures. Then we are meeting the boys for lunch at St. brewery where we will do the tour but of course I will be the DD. Then home for a nap and then we are going to attempt making truffles, cook fajitas in the evening and play some Wii. So it will be fun but relaxing.

So that is about it. Tomorrow I guess will tell me what I have been waiting for. I hope everyone else is doing great. And congratulations to Kahla who got her BFP yesterday!!! Congratulations girl, that is awesome!


  1. I am so glad you updated and I think that the negative fears are completely normal... happens to me everytime and it takes all I can muster to push them down. I will be sending tons of P&PT your way for tomorrow, I would be more than thrilled to hear about a BFP!!!!! Nothing but positive thoughts on my side for you! You are not in TX, are you? Being from TX I always think Houston when you say H-town. Hey, my email is jeff_and_kahlaatyahoodotcom. Can't wait to hear some great news tomorrow and thanks for the congrats! ((HUGS))

  2. Oh wow, you are *SO* close to testing! I will be checking back tomorrow to hear the news!

    Fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!!

  3. i have been thinking about you!!! gl tomorrow! everything crossed for good news!!

  4. hmmm..... i don't have any symptoms either. unless you count intermittent cramping (which may be gas pains....but who the hell knows anymore?). i usually don't poas, but i am actually thinking about it!

    arg. i hate the 2ww. your distractions sound awesome :)

  5. Fingers crossed if you decide to POAS. Here's to staying distracted (it sounds like you are doing a good job of that this weekend) and to being able to still laugh at ourselves, even when we are feeling crazy. Thanks for your comment. Good luck!

  6. Good luck, good luck, good luck. I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow. Hoping to hear great news on Monday evening.