Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I think I might be on the naughty list

He's makin' a list,
checkin' it twice,
gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

He's sees me when I'm talking,
rudely on the phone.
To the doctor's office,
to the secretary who must live alone.

She's always rude,
no matter what I do,
and then I feel like its my fault too.
Why do I have to deal with this?

I try to be so good,
but then I get impatient.
Cause I spend all of my life,
awatin' watin' watin' watin' watin' ...

So I know I'm on the list,
but that's OK,
because I found out
today I got my way.
(Oh yeah) Santa Claus is coming to town!

Soooo... it has been so loooonnnnng because nothing between now and the last time I posted has been happening on the IVF round front except waiting and frustration and I never wanted to really write about it until now that things have worked out. Because before it was all just ANGER ANGER ANGER and today it is at least a little more OK OK OK.

So we just sorta ran over some orange cones with Road Block #1. And there was no damage. So the meds are more expensive... we will deal. At least financially things look better for us this year than they have the past 2 so that is something positive. And if they think that we need to try to do this differently then we should. And a plus is no mixing shots! It comes in a pen. Not that just that little fact will make me any more happy to spend like 5 times the money on meds, but it is something on the bright side.

So in the midst of accepting that we will be Ok with the change up in meds, we have been painfully waiting for a freaking schedule/calendar/some sort of PLAN. I do not do well when I don't know the plan. I need plans. I have no control over anything else BUT THE PLAN. And they said they would have a plan on November 24. No plan but soon, very soon, likely by next week. First come first serve you know. On December 5 still no plan. On December 12, nada. December 22 STILL NOTHING AND WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF THE 3 MONTH SUPPLY OF BC I STARTED TAKING NOVEMBER 3. (ok so admittedly maybe some anger still there). During this time, my husband keeps asking me about the PLAN and why haven't they given it to me. He thinks I am being amazingly more patient (WOW complement) than I had been in the past. HE admits he is getting fed up while I say on Friday December 19, you know, let's just have a good time over Christmas and enjoy our new year and call them in 2009. He agreed.

But then I went to 2 Christmas's over the weekend with my 5 and almost 3 year old adorable cousin's and my pregnant (from IVF) cousin. And a 1 month first grand child on the other side of the family. And by Monday waiting and cruising through the holidays like I had said so breezily on Friday was just not really a possibility anymore.

Over the span of time mentioned above (which YES hello I know is NOT THAT LONG in the grand scheme but felt like a total eternity) I would talk to the nurse K about the situation, I was fine. Because she puts it in a way that I am OK with. She is funny and nice and wants the best for me and understands that it is taking an incredibly long unnecessary amount of time to get my calender. I am all understanding and completely OK but still slightly frustrated when I talk to Nurse K. But we see eye to eye, we are cool, no hard feelings. Mi Compadre.

When I talk to secretary Y. I get nothing but attitude the second I even say my name. I don't know WHERE I went wrong but she just doesn't like me. She is all cheery and happy until I say "This is BB". And then she puts me on hold (EVERY TIME) and comes back on all haughty and I can't believe you are actually calling me again. And gives me a speech about how busy they are and it is first come first serve. Sorry for YOUR frustration but you just have to understand that it is first come first serve. We got 7 calendars today but none of them are yours so I don't know what to tell you.

Well yesterday, I had enough of the "first come first serve" speech and just retorted back that I underSTAND the first come first serve rule but I have been calling to get on the January schedule SINCE SEPTEMBER SO I GUESS I WILL JUST CALL BACK AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR. Do I get a well let me check to see if there are any problems? or I will call you back by this day or anything!? No, I just OK, BYE. I was Soooo pissed. But what could I do about it? Nothing. And all my bitching and moaning wasn't going to change that they hadn't gotten to it yet and I KNEW that. But I still made my hubby listen about it and he reminded me of my easy breezy Friday December 19 attitude. But even that didn't really help. (And it hasn't helped the crankiness that I am sick with soar throat)

But I guess I either got put on the naughty list OR they felt bad OR it was just finally my turn and if I could have been patient ONE MORE DAY, because Nurse K called me this afternoon to tell me my schedule is ready but not ready. It was ready but he did the wrong protocol. So my egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for January 28. But they will supposedly email the revision tomorrow (Christmas Eve which what kind of hellacious pain do you have to be to get them to do that on a holiday!?). But my point is, finally, I have some semblance of a plan.

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