Monday, December 8, 2008

Approaching Road Block #1

Well things were going to so smoothly. And you know it would be just too much for things to go right.

It is really not THAT bad but it was certainly unexpected news that I got today. I called again to see about my schedule and talked to Nurse K. She said she was going to start making the embryologist start returning and fielding calls because he is the one who has to make everyone's scheules an is behind and everyone is calling her. But she said it in a funny way that made me laugh (not the receptionist way that makes me want to throw something).

But after my little laugh she said but we can order your meds. And I am all, oh I have 24 vials of so what else do I need? Well, they want me to take F.ollis.tim and not R.epro.nex this time!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHHH! I am totally for changing it up an I am not against them trying to change my protocal at ALL since it obviously did not work last time. BUT F.OLLIS.TIM is freakin' expensive! And I was NOT PREPARED for that. I was prepared for the medicine I already have paid for and such. I asked them that question a few months ago when we were deciding what to do and they said I certainly could use it. But since then they changed their minds.

So now what to do with an unexpected cost upwards of $3000, probably $4000 after all said and done?! I just don't know what to do now. I feel like we need to stop in our tracks.

Which isn't really a problem since I still have no schedule.

I am just very disappointed.

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