Monday, November 24, 2008

Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated

Did your mom or dad ever say that to you? I think I heard that a lot as a kid. But it is so true. Don't be rude, because is that how YOU want to be treated? Of course not. Don't talk about people because do YOU want people to talk about you? No, most people don't want anyone to think bad about them. Or at least I don't. This will be something I will certainly pass on to my children because I just think it makes you a better person.

So on November 3, I talked to my doctors office and they had me start BC, and they said they would send me my calendar in 3 weeks. They also made sure tell me that if I did not hear from them in 3 weeks to please call them. So that is exactly what I did today, I called them. I said on my message that I was just checking in and I had checked my mail and my email and hadn't received anything although I wasn't certain how it would be sent. They called me back shortly.

However, they (the secretary) acted like I was crazy for calling and they are SOOOOOoooooooooooo busy and with the holidays and the doctors schedules and conferences and meetings that they had not made my calendar yet. So I am like Ok, so will my cycle be pushed back or is there a problem with doing it in January because of scheduling? is there something I forgot to take care of? (Some i's I didn't dot or t's I didn't cross?) And then she tells me there is NOooo problem, but in such a way that I can tell the problem is that I am asking this QUESTION. So I said, well shouldn't I start meds sometime in December? If not, doesn't that mean the cycle will move back and possibly not be in January? I mean I would like to be able to sorta plan my life a little (was what I was thinking to myself, I did not SAY that). Is that too much to ASK? Apparently ASKING ANYTHING is what is getting me in trouble. So I think I was finally able to confirm, once I got past the attitude, that I should start meds at the end of December and should still be on track for January time frame. I asked if I could call back mid December if I hadn't heard anything and then was assured that it would certainly be done then or very, very soon.

All I ask from these doctors and their staff is that they treat me the way THEY want to be treated. Everyone who deals with doctors just wants to get help and get appropriate answers in a timely manner. They don't want vague answers and haughty retorts to their questions or people rolling their eyes at them. They certainly don't want to be made to feel like they shouldn't call. Am I completely off here?

I have actually seriously considered nursing school with an emphasis in infertility so that at least ONE doctors office out there could have ONE person who had been there, was professional AND compassionate at the same time. I know they are out there, but there is definitely a shortage in my opinion.

I guess I forgot to mention that I don't really get along great with or like Dr. W's secretary. But I could also hear the nurse I like in the background and once I started thinking about it she basically avoids calling me back these days. So I guess I did something to piss her off. Although I don't know what that would be except to ask legitimate and well informed questions that she somehow doesn't feel are my business.

I really can't promise that I have stepped off my soap box yet. Maybe by my next post I will have.


On another note: this BC they have me on is whacking me out. I have zits everywhere! I get irritated it seems easy (see above!). And I uninterested in doing other things which is making my husband think I don't like him (sorry if TMI). Which is not true. But, what is the deal with all that!? It is which is different than the last time when I was on Apritabs which were fine and cleared up my skin.


  1. I always break out too. It stinks.
    I never deal with the receptionists. I try to get my assigned nurse whenever possible. You have to be on top on things, I have caught so many things staff have missed during my cycles. GL!

  2. Sorry you had a crappy time the Dr! Hang in there! Maybe you should ask to switch to a different pill so you will feel better. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I hear ya! sometimes I think doctors and nurses get so caught up in thier day to day jobs that they forget that these are our lives!! This is the most stressful and important and expensive thing we will ever do and we have so much at stake, we are whacked out on drugs, and we could really use a little (or a lot!) of understanding, compassion, and answers to all our dumb and not so dumb questions!