Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gearing Up for Numero Dos

Yesterday I had my first bloodwork done for IVF round number 2. Just getting that done has made my head spin. I have been fine over the past 5 months, carefree and more fun that I have been in quite some time if I do say so myself. And I have been looking forward to trying again, but just the first simple step has kinda overwhelmed me suddenly. I don't want this to consume my thoughts like the first one did, I just want to do it and not think about every little thing. But that seems to be impossible. I already can't concentrate at work! And my husband merely mentioned doing somthing in the January time frame the other night and I was all NOooo we can't, we can't. I just need to CHILL.

At any rate, my progesterone was 1.4. Is that good/bad? Ok? Either way, I start BCP tonight and they are building my calendar and booking my appointments. I should have all the info in about 3 weeks, just in time for Turkey day.

I am excited. But I am also trying to be calm about it. I really need a massage or something to just relax and let it all happen. And the big 3-0 looms in the near future. Boo.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I am so glad you have started blogging about your experiences. I really enjoyed your 1st two entries.
    I felt like I said/thought many of the same things before IVF #2. The 2nd one is so different from the first and the 3rd is another animal too -hopefully one you will not ever encounter :)
    I look forward to reading!