Monday, November 17, 2008

Yearly Exam? What the hell is THAT?

So today I went in for my "annual" check up. Or that is what MOST of the girlies call it I suppose. I go to the doctor SO MUCH that I find that very funny in a entertaining way! When you are dealing with infertility these "normal" checkups seem so strange! At least to me! I am so used to doctors looking at me that I don't really get nervous and when I was driving away from the doctor this afternoon I started thinking about all we had talked about, I thought to myself "I didn't even notice what she did! OMG what all did she DO!? Did she do a pap, did she check my boobs for lumps!?" I mean am I CRAZY??????

But the truth of the matter is that is just doesn't phase me anymore.

Anywho, another point I wanted to make about the doctor I see in T-town is that they have a clinic where I live. SO, I can work with 2 doctors, one local (Dr. A) and one about a hour and a half away (Dr. W who I mentioned before). They sorta collaborate and save me trips and time if they can. The reason I didn't notice the exam so much I guess is that we were jibber jabbering about the next cycle. And she was nice enough to give me her email for any questions and she said to send her my new protocal when I get it. I felt very good after the visit. All GO TEAM and stuff. Which is kinda funny! But very comforting.


  1. Funny! Before I started at my new clinic, they required I go have an "annual" and I laughed. I had not been there in almost 2 yrs. I figure everyone else is getting an up close and personal view of things, they would tell me if anything were amiss! It did seem anti-climatic when it was over ;)
    Thank for your kind words...

  2. I am with you. I stupidly went to my GYN for my annual forgetting that I had already had a pap when I was screened for the drug study I was in for IVF #1.

  3. It's crazy, isn't it? We spend so much of our life naked from the waste down in stirups. I honestly think we should be charging admission!