Sunday, July 18, 2010

What CD is this? Lets just call it Stim Day 1.

I am thoroughly confused what cycle day I am on... and I should know this stuff... but this is why I am not sure:

I am confused because Tuesday I took my last BC pill and my instructions say that I may or may not bleed and not to call either way. It didn't say you may or may not have your period or anything about a Cycle Day 1. So is today CD 3 or CD1? I guess I will just go with Stim Day 1 or SD1.

I had my baseline ultrasound Thursday. It was moved from Friday because of the doctors schedule. I rolled with the flow (after permission from CO of course!). During my ultrasound my local doc said my lining was very very super thin so I figured I definitely wouldn't have any bleeding or period or whatever. But let me just give you TMI, and say that I have been having quite the bleed on Fri/Sat/Sun morning. More than I would have expected if my lining were as super thin as she made it seem. I have not been sure whether I should be concerned or not. So I have gone with NOT. She didn't tell me a lining measurement so... anywho... I know that usually the first day of your period is CD1 but was that just considered residual bleeding or a period? As I said I am confused!

Friday I had my labs done and everything was faxed to the 303 (CO). And after some further momentary panic confusion, I got the green light from the nurse. She said my hormone levels "were sufficiently low" and I just passed on asking exactly what they were. Had I asked I would just worry over them. Sometimes ignorance is bliss in this process.

So today was the first day of stims. They didn't go super smoothly but I figure its the first day and even if I messed up it will end up OK. When I did my meno.pur in the morning I had a big air bubble that NO matter what I did it would not go away and I think I wasted a good amount of medicine trying to get it to go away. This evening I was trying to figure out the go.nal f pen and I struggled with that too! I am still uncertain if I even got ANYTHING at all. But I think part of this is that my doses are really low right now and it just wasn't as much as I was used to giving myself.

My dosages are pretty low right now. 75 amps in the am and 75 units in the pm. SUPER low, right? At first glance of this protocol I was very happy about the slow start. I think with PCOS it makes sense to start really slow and let the leaders start leading. BUT now that I am actually here in this moment in time I worry it isn't enough to make anything AT ALL HAPPEN. But I am going to trust it. Because truthfully, I have 10 days of this and time to make up for it if we get off to a slow or NO start.

I am trying to be chill. I hope I have succeeded this past week and weekend. I am going to pat myself on the back because I could have freaked out several times.... change of doctor appointment that was changed THREE times... I rolled with it. Unexpected bleeding... rolled with it again. Fumbling with my shots... we're good. Now lets just hope this trend continues. The more hormones get in my system, the less I expect the roll to work. But we will see.

M-W I am on the 75 amps Me.nop.ur in the morning and 75 units gon.a.l f in the evening. Wednesday follicle count and blood work. Thursday drive to the mountains and really get this adventure started.

Ok, I guess I am a little excited :-) after all.


  1. i've been over here thinking lots about you and this cycle. :)

  2. Hey there BB- just thinking about you and hoping you are ok.