Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vacation all around

Just saying hi if anyone is still even checking this old rusty thing.

I did get to go on sort of a mini vacation over spring break. See if you can guess where it was from some pictures.

Eh, you probably can't but it was somewhat exciting at the very least. Over spring break we also went to the casino in Shre.vep.ort with some friends. I forgot my camera for that excursion. All you would see is my husband losing me money and me trying to win it back anyway ;-) I just don't know that I am cut out for gambling. While it is fun, I HATE losing money. So... yeah, not as much fun as it could be if I could get over that part.

Then later that week we went to the above spot. We visited my husband's former boss. My husband wants to move there, but I am very much against it. So the trip was kinda weird in that regard. He says I didn't want to admit I liked it and I say that just the whole reason to go up there was weird to begin with! I really don't know who is right. They did put us up in a nice little house that we had all to ourselves (for FREE). That was super nice! and we did both enjoy that a lot. And we also toured some local wineries. That was fun, but the wine has a distinctly odd flavor that I couldn't put my finger on. I think it might be the local water. We bought a bottle at each one and let's just say I opened the first one and drank less than one glass and then I have not touched nor brought myself to open another. So that is probably NOT a good sign of the quality. Oh well.

Also on vacation... apparently my doctors office. I contacted them again last week for a final review of IVF#2 and they said they would check with the doctor. Still nothing by today. I am really tired of that. And we are probably moving on anyway, but still!? This really should not be that hard. It makes me think they are purposely avoiding me. I doubt that is the case, but sometimes it does make me wonder if I am just so hopeless they don't want to talk to me at all.

And so I am also on infertility vacation it seems. But just yesterday the cousin who did get prego from IVF at C.CR.M had her baby. And she totally deserves all the joy and happiness that comes with the little guy and I am very happy for them (honestly I really am! and was excited when it worked for them). But it makes me have to think about babies and that is just making me sad. And now Friday I need to go visit them with my mom and other cousin (auntie to the little guy) before they go home from the hospital and I just don't look forward to it. I do want to go see the baby and parents but I think more than anything I don't want to be there with other family members oooing and awwwing. Quite especially my mom. It just makes me sad and they say things that hurt my feelings with out intention or even knowing it. I just need to suck it up and quit being a wuss. I guess the temporary vacation may be officially over.


  1. so glad that you got to escape from it all and take a little break :) hope you had a good vacation!!

  2. Good to hear from you! Glad you had a little vacay. I am sorry you are still waiting for answers...

  3. Great to hear your voice again! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog with my crazyass news--
    and I know what you mean about unintentional hurts and woundings. I wish I could have some magnificent force field that repelled all such things. Sometimes I guess we just need to pretend we do. Good luck and keep your heart safe.

  4. Hey there bb, me again, just wanted you to know I've flung a sisterhood award at you (to be posted very soon on my blog)-- thank you for your sweet comments and support. It means a lot to me. Thinking of you, Kate

  5. i hate that part - where infertility robs you of those times that should be happy, bonds you should be able to share with family, the heartache we have to endure over the dumb things people say because they have no idea. i'm glad infertility had to wait it out in the backseat for a while so you could have a vacation, you show that sucker who's boss, okay? you won't always win but you sure put up a good fight!