Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seriously Stupid

This is just a silly post although the title makes it sound pretty angry....

You know how they say pregnancy hormones make you stupid? or you can't remember anything? Well one day I hope to experience that, however in the meatime, I think I am experiencing some serious lack of intelligence from going through IVF. Seriously. I think all those hormones jack you up... or maybe it is JUST ME!?.... but today I had trouble counting pages in a proposal. There needed to be twenty. TWENTY. 20. And somehow after asking for multiple changes from my poor, poor professor I was working with, I would end up with 21 or 22 or 19, but not freaking 20!? I felt insane. But I am going to blame it on a lag in the effect of all those drugs.

GAHWD. I don't really feel better about blaming it on that though... *sigh* And luckily this guy has a sense of humor. And next week I have a week of obviously needed vacation.

On the doctor front... no one has gotten back to me about scheduling that follow up appointment. Go figure. If I am not cycling, I don't seem to exist with them. ;-) It is only helping me put it off even longer.


  1. Hey there, nice to see you posting! however random it may be. I think the whole grad school investigation will work itself out. and as for IVF2- so glad you were able to process some of the sadness with your mom. and I totally agree that these meds fucQ you up for a lot longer than any of us would wish. After clomid it was a month or two before I felt more like me. Who knows about this stuff since I am in the middle. I just know that nothing is familiar in this crazy process. Good luck with all of your decisions, may you have clarity when you need it, and give yourself a break the rest of the time. and have a wonderful vacation- I hope it is excellent.

  2. let the vacation countdown begin! (okay you've probably been counting for a while but one week to go is exciting!)

  3. i think it's a totally legit excuse :)