Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is what I DO

Filling out forms for a living, that is.

No lie.

So who has had the privilege of filling out the CCR.M forms? or really it doesn't even have to be THEM, but any doctor office forms? I see ALL of your hands raised.

GAH, for real, can they all join the here and now with you know that thing called word processing? I mean these forms have been scanned in from a copy that was photo copied hundreds of times and then maybe faxed and then finally scanned, printed and scanned again. There are so many black specs on it, so ridiculous!! Could you possibly use WORD or PDF for goodness sake? So that my scratchy ugly hand writing doesn't have to be all over the place? I can barely write legibly any more because I type everything!!

I have seriously thought about bartering for infertility service. I will convert one form to PDF for you for each blood draw. I will create new interactive forms for an ultrasound. Heck for two ultrasounds I will make PDF forms that automatically attach to a database so you don't even need someone to put that info in LATER!!!

Maybe I am simply the only one bothered by this. I will not apologize.

Ok, now for serious stuff. Who really has filled in the C.CRM forms? because the credit card form scares me. I mean I understand its purpose. But at the same time I am just doing a phone consultation. Which they SAY is free supposedly... so I am confused. HALP! do I have to fill it out? because I really don't want to.


  1. Hey bb, I didn't fill out the credit card forms for them- said I would present that information when needed. And I am SO WITH YOU on the shit quality of the forms and I love your idea of bartering-- try it! I would ask if I were you-- at least you would be saying, hey in the midst of all of this other stuff, I happened to notice your forms are crap and for me, the spaces were so small that unless you'd had a boring history (and what IFer has?) there is no room I also submitted a shortish 2-page summary that made me look like a lunatic but I figured if they only read one thing, that would be enough to go on. Thinking of you and hoping the information you gather is really helpful and lets you move forward with confidence. Warmly, Kate

  2. hmm, i have no idea what you're talking about and really can't be helpful, but just wanted to say good luck with it? sounds like a massive pain.