Sunday, January 30, 2011


I can't seem to go to sleep tonight. My mind just will not stop.

We spent the weekend with our family I call friends. I talked about them before and how it was hard when they got pregnant (in fact that post is pretty terrible) and it didn't seem fair that IVF #2 didn't work for us. But I've gotten over it since then and they have the sweetest, lovable little boy EVER. And every time we usually get to see him there are lots of people around trying to get his attention so I don't really push it. I mean seriously, 20 people coming after you? That is not my thing either. Plus, he is usually a pretty serious little fella and to get him to crack a smile or laugh can be hard! So this weekend was great to spend time with him and we made friends and then I got extra love from him all weekend. It was fantastic and I enjoyed it very much.

I just keep thinking about giving him a cousin and how much fun it is going to be!!

And my mind just can't stop thinking about babies. And the 9 embies waiting for me. I am just too freaking excited!!!

I took my last BC last night and waiting for my period. I will be back on BC by the end of the week and will add lu.pron mid February. I don't really understand why I need to take it, but I guess just to down regulate all my hormones so they will be controlling everything with estrogen patches and eventually progesterone. I just can't seem to get my mind off of getting the show on the road!!!!

And I really need to be sleeping because this week is going to be hectic. Work... well... that's a whole other story right now. Things are not looking as good as they once were. But since I can't predict the future I am telling myself not to worry about it until I actually have something to worry about. Easier said than done as we all know, but I am trying. This is what I am really focused on right now. And I feel good about it.


  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world!

  2. such an exciting time. best of luck :) xx